Christopher Perry is an American artist born in Portland, Oregon in 1970.  He began showing his paintings in 1989.  Perry studied fine arts at Marylhurst University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993 with an emphasis on print making.  Perry creates in two separate mediums; oil painting and kiln-cast glass.  The two mediums continually influence each other.  Perry contrasts light and dark in his abstract landscapes paying particular attention to atmosphere.  Perry has won awards and has served as a juror for various art shows.  Perrys work has appeared in the television series Lost and is part of numerous collections including Bellevue Towers, Oregon State University, the Portland Art Museum, and private collections worldwide.  Perry is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Portland Art Museums Contemporary Art Council.  Years of persistence as a full-time working artist has helped Perry master skills in many areas.  With his multifaceted approach, Perry does his own woodworking and metalworking in support of his artistic vision.  He conceptualizes the design, then completes actual fabrication of his ideas.  Perry currently resides just outside of Portland, Oregon, and his work can be seen in galleries throughout the United States.  He brings unique vision to everything he creates.

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