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As an artist, I am interested in the momentum which carries throughout the universe in an ever - evolving manner. This subject matter interests me because I am captivated by the dynamic changes and flow of energy throughout our world. My work is reflective of our current culture and the divide within politics, healthcare, and socioeconomic issues. The work inspires sustainable concepts as one can continually revisit it and find new meaning. I am intrigued by capturing the essence of this potential which provokes the paradigm between where the universe ends and starts. This work continually reminds me of the big picture and how to gain perspective on the situations at hand. 

    In my work, I explore this subject matter by delving into the macro and micro aspects of multidimensionality. I utilize metal alloy to freeze time and space while portraying the past, present, and future movement of energy. This exact moment depicts the potential held within. My work is further characterized by reflections, bold graphics, and negative space. With these works, I want to make the viewer feel as though they are surrounded by potential and to provoke the viewer to think about the opportunity which every moment brings in the juxtaposition of beginning and end. 

    In future series, I am eager to further explore this subject matter, particularly as it relates to dynamic presence and entropy within the universe.

-Christopher Perry

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